Zhao Yonghao: Taking history to create a new chapter in the future of Yanji high quality development

Zhao Yonghao: Taking history to create a new chapter in the future of Yanji high quality development

On September 15th, Zhao Yonghao, secretary of Yanji Municipal Party Committee, with "Deeply perceived the Thought of Thought," Dramatic Mission, in the promotion of the new era of Yanji high-quality development for the party and the people, Zhao Yonghao, to emphasize, to accurately grasp the 100-year party history Our experience revelation, always adhere to the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, political execution, and effectively enhance "four awareness", firm "four confidence", and do "two maintenance", Unwavering the promotion of the party central government policy and decision-making deployment in Yanji settled.

To always adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, accurately grasp the historical orientation of Yanji City, shoulder the responsibilities, effectively enhance ideological consciousness, political consciousness, consciousness, and do the right ideological armed brain, guide practice, and promote work .

We must always practice the people-centered development thoughts, stand firm people’s position, implement the mass line, and do practical activities "I do practical things for the masses", and effectively solve the problem of "rush to expectations", so that the reform development results More equally, all the people of the city.

We must always promote the spirit of great Justice party, carry forward the red tradition, inherit the red gene, use the live red educational resources, and continue to inherit the spiritual blood of the Communists, and contribute to the second hundred years of struggle to contribute to Yanji.

We must always adhere to the unity of all nationalities, continue to deepen the awareness of the Chinese nation’s community, guide the people of all nationalities in the city to think, bringing towards a strong intention of developing Yanji’s various undertakings. Zhao Yonghao emphasized that through distinctive characteristics, the form of learning education and theoretical preaching, further stimulating party members and cadres, unfortunately, and brave their mission, to ensure that the central and provincial and states of decision-making are in Yanji. Get implementation.

It is necessary to continue to deepen the construction of the style, consolidate the improvement of the results of the party history, combined with the "Work-style construction year" work, continue to rectify the "four winds", and focus on the "strictness of strictness", and do not shake the crucial moment, very The period is very good, there is no shrinkage in front of the contradiction, and consciously put the responsibility on the shoulder, put the people in my heart, and put the name behind the brain. It is necessary to continuously strengthen the party’s organization construction, accelerate the standardization standardization of rural party construction work, deepen the management system reform in the street (town), and continue to promote the construction of the standardization system of the Party branch of the new era, and focus on enhance the party construction level. It is necessary to grasp the new round of Northeast Revitalization, support the development and opening upside of key areas, and fully implement the "one main six pairs" high-quality development strategy and "two to ensure one harmonious" target requirements, according to the state committee Nuclear, two poles, multi-point support "industrial space layout, pay close attention to project construction, investment promotion, urban refined management, rural revitalization, normalized epidemic prevention and control, etc., struggle to create a new era of Yanji economy and society . The city’s leading cadres of the deputy county-level leading cadres, the party organization secretary, and the municipal party committee propaganda group and the grassroots preliminary representatives participated in the topic. (宇佳) (Editor: Guan Si Cong, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.