Why did the "Democratic Lighthouse" become "retreat country"?

Why did the "Democratic Lighthouse" become "retreat country"?

  Wang Weixi, the special researcher of the Northeast Asian Research Center, Northeast Asia, recently, according to foreign media reports, headquartered in the "International Democracy and Election Assistance Research Institute" in Sweden, "2021 Global Democratic Status" report, the first time "Return to the Democratic Country". It is to be pointed out that this research institution has a strong close-up color, even if so, the turmoil and failure of the American democracy in recent years have not seen it. Internationally, American democratic models that have been forced to promote globally over the world have not reached the expectation, and even giving confusion and disasters.

  In the country, the two-party disputes in the United States have deteriorated the contest of "you die", the democracy has become the "veto" opposed to opposition, and even the election results are openly challenged; the two poles of society are increasingly serious, the rich and the poor is unless Surge, the people ‘s thoughts are high; race discrimination represented by Freud is intensified. Especially in the context of the epidemic, the US negative anti-disease caused 700,000 people died in the new championship.

The disadvantages of the US democratic system have gradually emerged, and the recent Leather Research Center report shows that most Americans are deeply disappointed with their political systems. The structural conflict of American politics is increasingly prominent.

"2021 Global Democracy" Report "reported that" historical turning points appeared in 2020 to 2021, that is, the former President Trump questioned 2020 US election results. "

As French scholars said, "US President Trump is a sign of the US democratic crisis, and it is also the source of deepening and accelerating the crisis."

This issue has already appeared in Bush on the galle 20 years ago. Although at that time, the constitutional mechanism of the United States showed a rare stability when facing the elective food, and there was no social turmoil and violence caused by 20 years.

However, the stability of this surface does not cover various disadvantages and vulnerabilities in the US presidential electoral process, and the selection of litigation politics is further exposed to non-human main mechanisms and factors on the impact of US electoral politics. These disadvantages have not yet been effective for 20 years, but they are constantly fermented, but they are more intensified. It is a large-scale social riots such as impact Congress. In addition, money has seriously destroyed the virtuous operation of US democracy, and has become a shadow that is not going in today’s American election system.

As the amount of campaign funds continues to rise, the means of raising funds is constantly updated, and the intervention and intervention of interest groups is also growing and complicated.

The principle of "one person and one vote" is "diluted" and "void". Corruption money politics makes many Americans feel angry and disappointed.

The recent poll of the German Bosch Foundation shows that more than 80% of the US-British respondents believe that the politicians are capital, and more than half of the US people think that the democratic system is "unchargeable" in current situation. The facts have repeatedly proved that the so-called "Democratic Lighthouse" in the United States has already collapsed, and the key to judging democracy is to see if it is in line with the expectations, needs and desires of the people. Can you bring real interests to the people.

According to social reality and the times, the US democracy has lost its role in promoting its national social progress. If you don’t make a real knife real gun reform, the future American society will continue to withstate the cost of democratic failure. .

  Dialectically, even if the US democracy is effective, it does not represent it is universal.

There is no institution and system in the world, and the form of democracy is a variety of forms. Looking back in the 1990s, the ecstasy of the victory of the cold war, American scholar Francis? Fushan published the article "The End of History", regarding the Western free and democratic system as the endpoint of human ideology and the end of "human beings’ last rule".

But the truth of history has not moved toward this endpoint. After 20 years, Fushan issued the article "The Future of History", saying "Historical Terminal" needs to be further built and improved, and the world needs new integration on the multi-diversity.

Totkville, which has been appreciated by US Democracy, also pointed out that the US invented democratic form is by no means a single form of democracy. Democratic road. "