Xinjiang journalists refute the "Impressive Labor" lie in "Impressive"

Xinjiang journalists refute the "Impressive Labor" lie in "Impressive"

  Urumqi November 13 (继 鹏) "I saw people relying on planting red jujube, through the breeding industry, with modern mechanical cotton cotton … I also saw that under the support of the government, Xinjiang remote area Students go to Shanghai, Beijing and other big cities to go to school, see the Xinjiang people who go out to workers harvest full of life value.

Only didn’t see the so-called ‘forced labor’. "Xinjiang Radio and Television Reporter Hami Abudu is 12 days in Urumqi.

  On the same day, Xinjiang held a "Labor Creation Beautiful Life" Symposium. The news workers from all over Xinjiang, with the personal experience of their interview, refuting the so-called "Xinjiang existence forced labor" lies thrown by some politicians and media, etc. in the news.

  "I heard many Uighurs youth like me said that there are many ways to start business, whether they are running out of work or at home, and can be realized.

"Hami Abu is hot, a construction worker interviewed by Arouyi Village in Yulongkashi in Yulongkam, Kashi City, Yulong City, said:" Because I like buildings, Mai Mime, Yassen, China, has also established occupations from Xinjiang. Technical College training deep.

In September this year, he participated in the national rural revitalization vocational skill competition, and won the bronze medal of masonry projects.

Now, pay more than 10,000 yuan per month (RMB, the same).

"When some anti-China power of the United States, the lie rolled in the lie in the west of the west, and the earth-shaped changes occurred on the land of Xinjiang." I am a traveler, participant, witnesmer of Hetian development. "Hetian area, media center translation, Hai Li Chihua · Buy Tinumi said that she saw that the rural area in the Hetian area has also bought a car in the rural area of ??the Tiantian area. Many families have bought a car.

In the past, Uncle Kurban had to ride the donkey to Beijing to see Chairman Mao. Today, Yu Tian Wanfang Airport will be built in the Uncle Kurban "Door", people will start in Beijing in the afternoon.

  Old Yili Daily, Yili Daily, Abuku, Sarawa, interviewed many workers, farmers. Among them, the buyer of employment is achieved by sewing craftsmanship. "Buy Litu Abli Mii was a family woman, and became a local apparel employee, and salary rose from 1,500 yuan to more than 3,000.

"In recent years, with the development of economic society, the employment channels in the southern China in Xinjiang are more broad.

Kashi Daily Senior reporter Mai Mikiming · Wu Shu said: "The Kashi Industrial Park is getting more and more drums in the pockets of the local people.

"Example of Abduli Ji Abu is working in the industrial park, the modern production workshop accelerates the output of 馕, the most, he can use the six-seven bag flour in one day, and the income is quite rich.

  Xinjiang Daily reporter, Xinjiang Daily reporter, interviewed in the southern Xinjiang, said: "The majority of farmers and herdsmen are promoting the promotion of living environment and quality.

"She said, in fact, rich farmers and herdsmen have a colorful desire list. In the southern rural, buy furniture, change appliances, buy cars is a kind of fashion, more and more villagers fall in love with self-driving tour. (over).