The National Day holiday half "three nine big" scenic spots continue to be hot "national trend" is favored by Wenbo travel

The National Day holiday half "three nine big" scenic spots continue to be hot "national trend" is favored by Wenbo travel

  ● 4 days before the National Day holiday, some key scenic spots are compared with the same diameter in 2019, the reception is reverted to 78%, and the ticket revenue is slightly increased. Picking experience, family gathering, other rural tourism content, local tourists become half a country’s holiday in the mainstream national celebration of rural tourism, how is the overall situation of the Sichuan tourism market? On October 4, the reporter learned from the Office of the Sichuan Provincial Culture and Tourism Industry Leading Group. On the 4th day of the holiday, the province’s incorporation of 702 A-level tourist scenic spots received tourists once again exceeded 4 million, realizing ticket income million. 4 days before the National Day holiday, 702 A-level tourist scenic spots in the province have accumulated 10,000 visitors and realize tickets for tickets. Among them, some key scenic spots were compared with the same caliber in 2019, and the reception was returned to 78%, and the ticket revenue achieved slight growth. "Three Nine" attractive strong Jiuzhaigou scenic spots before the holiday in the whole domain, but after the ticket is sold out in advance on October 2, after two consecutive days, the 4th visit will also reach 10,000, and the holiday 4 days agreed to receive tourists Vocal, ticket income is 10,000 yuan. Samsung Pile Museum at 9:30 am I told the ticket sales. The reception of tourists will receive 10,000 visitors before the holiday, and the tourists will grow in the same period in 2019, which increased in the same period of 2020. Chengdu Giant Panda breeding base 4 days accumulated tourists, returning to% in the same period in 2019, increased in the same period in 2020.

  Under the driving of the "Three" brands, the province’s rural self-driving tour is favored by tourists, parent-child travel, leisure holiday, hiking, picking experience, family gatherings, etc., local tourists have become the mainstream of rural tourism. During the "national trend", during the hot spending period, in the field, it integrates a colorful cultural event. Among them, "national trend" is popular with tourists. Yibin "ancient air tour" into a boom.

As one of Yibin City, Yibin City, one of the four major anti-Japanese War Cultural Center, Li Zhuang, a dance, Sichuan Ope, cheongsam show and other activities such as a car, Journey to the West, and a folk manual, such as facial plastic, paper cut, silhouette. Display, there are more than 10,000 visitors from 1 to 4th. Yiben Crown Yinggun Street "The world ‘I should’ · Guanyingjiang Lake" officially opened, and the new state opened the door.

Among them, "Non-legacy Rivers and Lake" will re-brought back to the streets in the hands of the ancestors. "Yibin State · Specialty City Collection" "Sunset Cinema" and other creative scenes have stimulated people’s exploration and experience; "Guo Chao Jianghu" concentrated on the fruitful results after the transformation of Yibin Traditional Culture; "Wen Jianghu" Joint local cultural and creative institutions, groups, and gathering the evolution of the cultural evolution; "Gourmet Rivers" offers a "food" light tour of Yibin. Qingcheng Mountain – Dujiangyan Scenic Area Innovation Apps "Micro Sudden + Garden Association + National Wind Guo Culture", carrying out the immersive, real-time exploration experience activities, the cultural dance, Dunhuang dance and other national wind programs naturally integrated into the scenic spots, painted Some people in a scenario, people are vivid and beautiful holiday paints.

Under this activity, 4 days before the holiday, Qingcheng Mountain-Dujiangyan Scenic Area received more than 150,000 visitors.

  The people in the museum are popular in the National Day, and the various theme exhibitions launched by major museum have attracted a large number of viewers.

The Sichuan Museum launched the "Shanshi Shui Brochong" – Yangtze River Basin ", 4 days of accumulating the audience; the Chinese traditional medicine cultural relics exhibition in Chengdu is 10,000 people.

Jianchuan Museum gathered, Du Fu Caotang Museum, Wuhou Temple Museum (Cultural Relics) held a rich theme exhibition from the National Day holiday, receiving more than 50,000 visitors.

  Zigong three major museums (Zigong Salious History Museum, Zigong Dinosaur Museum, China Color Museum) jointly launched a series of activities of the "Museum of Museum National Day" Salt Dragon Light Strong Top Tour Series and launching different themes per day, National Day holiday 4 days ago Tourists have thousands, and tickets are income.

(Reporter Guo Jingwen) [Responsible Editor: Xu Meida].